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The Moon Lodge Society (MLS) exists inside a sisterhood of spiritually grounded women practicing Ratinonhshón:ni lifeways. Created by the original Mothers and Aunties of Oheró:kon to provide a ritual space for Indigenous women to connect to Grandmother Moon, the MLS brings women together under each full moon cycle to ceremonialize and restore knowledge about the cycles within. Since its inception, MLS pools its resources and efforts to support a sisterhood of spiritual women and the practice of Indigenous ceremonies in honor of the sacred feminine. Run by Mohawk Clan Mothers, traditional women leaders, and young apprentices, MLS exists to support the spiritual and cultural needs of Indigenous women and youth primarily, and for the community overall, inspiring thought (Good Mind) into action. We recognize that Indigenous women are proven agents of positive change, as we continue to stand against the barriers of discrimination and marginalization. We are vital in transmitting and preserving ancestral knowledge through our relationships with family, community and a global society.

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, moon lodges have now gone virtual and have enabled the increased participation of women from across Turtle Island and beyond. In addition, A Facebook group, “Ionkhihsotha Ahsonthenhnehkha Karahkwa –Moon Lodge Circle,” was created at the beginning of 2015 as a way to share information on logistics and teachings, to network, and to provide mutual support to the women and girls in the group

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